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Average penis size around the world revealed – but how do UK men measure-up?

Whether you are well endowed or lacking in the trouser department, most guys have wondered whether their todger measures up to the average.

In fact it can make lots of men self-conscious but the results of a new study show that, unsurprisingly, lots of guys lie about the size of their manhood.

A survey by dating website asked men from different countries to estimate the length of their erect penis while asking women about the erect size of their last sexual partner.

Then researchers revealed the nationalities that are most prone to lying about penis size – and which ones are the most truthful.

It turns out Australian lads are most likely to overestimate how much they’re really packing Down Under.

Aussie men reported their average penis size as 7.09 inches, but the Sheilas say a normal guy’s schlong measures 5.58 inches.

But how did the Brits measure up?

Lads from the UK reckoned their penises measure 6.89 inches long but women think they’re smaller.

Ladies said guys fall shorter than that, revealing that men tend to be packing 6.64 inches downstairs.

And Canadians were found to be the most modest about their goods.

Men estimated the regular schlong to be 6.84 inches in length while ladies boasted of the biggest sized schlong of all – coming in at 6.96 inches.

Researchers said: “If you ask a man the size of their penis in general you should subtract 5.6% off the total length, mathematically speaking, of course.

“But if he claims to be 8 inches or more then you can cancel that call to trade descriptions or better business bureau.

“If you are looking for a monstrous-sized penis then you should focus your efforts on UK men as 1 in 20 will have enough inches to need a bigger ruler.

“If you want to play it safe and go for a good all round size and infallible honestly then Canada is the country for you and avoid the Americas or Australians who think lying increases your size like Pinocchio.”


95 percent of the victims of violence are men. Because women feel flattered when men fight each other and kill each other to prove that they are real men.


Lolicon Backlash in Japan

There has been significant public outcry in Japan following the kidnapping and murder of an elementary school girl in Nara, Japan and the arrest of a suspected lolicon for the crimes.

CASPAR, a Japanese non-profit-organization founded in 1989, is campaigning for regulation regarding the depiction of of minors in pornographic magazines and adult video games. Caspar states that it has been collecting sample material for several years.

Caspar founder Kondo Mitsue states, "For 5 or 6 years we have been collecting material, and the so called bishoujo adult anime magazines and bishoujo adult anime simulation games are terrible. Grown men manipulate childlike little girls, themes of turning them into slaves to have one's own sexual desires fulfilled being very common. "

According to Kondo the characters of these games and magazines are often clearly meant to be elementary aged school-children.

Producers of the lolicon and bishoujo material often argue that the Japanese constitution guarantees their freedom of expression in this matter and that laws restricting these materials would be unconstitutional. Kondo however counters this stating that "The utmost priority of the constitution is to guarantee fundamental human rights. I believe the freedom of expression does not allow for the depiction of little girls being violently raped, depriving them of their basic human rights."

She states that there is no country in the world that pays as little attention to Child Pornography as Japan.

CASPAR has collected 7,000 signatures on a petition to have the Japanese legal code revised in respect to virtual child pornography. In addition, 16 member of the Diet and several members of congress have pledged to support such measures.

Kondo founded CASPAR in 1989 after learning of the child prostitution issues in Thailand. The organization has built around 20 schools for children in Thailand and the Philippines. It was officially recognized as a legal non-profit-organization in 2003 and has 770 members nationwide. CASPAR believes that child prostitution and child pornography have common roots and that by regulating child pornography, the fight against child prostitution will be aided.

In 2002 the U.S. Supreme Court struck down a 6-year-old law banning virtual child pornography. The subsequent "Child Obscenity and Pornography Prevention Act of 2002 banned only virtual images that are indistinguishable from real child porn, and prohibits all obscene pornographic images of prepubescent children.


Products seized from Toronto sex shops may pose health risks

Toronto police are searching for the driver after an early-morning crash.

It appears a white vehicle slammed into a bus shelter on Davenport Road at Caledonia Park Road, just west of Lansdowne Avenue, around 3:30 a.m. on Monday. The driver then ran away.

The bus shelter was heavily damaged.

No one else was hurt.

Health Canada is warning that some products seized from two Toronto sex shops may pose serious health risks.

Health Canada says it seized a variety of items from the two stores.

They include poppers and products promoted for sexual enhancement.

Health Canada say the items contain ingredients that could pose a danger to users.

The agency says those who have used the product should consult a doctor if they’ve had any health problems.


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